Grief & Surviving Loss

Author: Pamela Ray Jackson

Published Date: October 16, 2020

As we search for the understanding of grief and the impact of the hollow pain we feel after a loss, the words in Grief & Surviving Loss offer a straightforward experience to help you or a loved one through the grieving process.

In, Grief & Surviving Loss, Pamela Ray Jackson tells her story about the pain she faced in her life with loss. This book is not a “professional solution” but states the ordeals she lived and steps she took. She defines and expresses that grief can be felt in many forms.

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Grief & Surviving Loss, offers an empathetic read to aid you to define and move forward with your loss, understanding that grief is a step by step process. It takes time to heal the wounds of despair and hurt. She experienced grief on both sides, as a child and a mother. She describes her early accounts as a child losing her mother, other close relatives and as an adult losing her child. She speaks also about a natural disaster which is a different form of loss, but you may experience similar emotions.

She communicates the way her grief felt after each loss. As she discusses her feelings it enables us to understand the grief process we will or have felt. Grief does have a place. Embrace it to move forward. How do I know? I am Pamela Ray Jackson, and I understand the experience in the stories, as it is my story.

The stories in this book will give you undeniable strength to move forward in your life. This book will intrigue you from beginning to end. It is emotional but it will help you understand the impact of grief. Learn to accept grief and process your feelings to move to the next chapter in your life. This book will aid you in understanding your emotions during grief and loss.



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