Zeze the Copycat

Author: Oye Akintan, Sabrina Akintan

Are you looking for an inspiring and confidence building book for boys and girls? Zeze the Copycat is the perfect inspiring early readers gift for the young boys and girls in your life.

In Zeze the Copycat, you will meet a five-year-old boy Zeze who annoys his sister, Soso, by copying everything she does. Soso gets back at her annoying brother in a fun way. Through the rhyming kids’ book, the reader learns valuable life lessons about self-confidence, individuality, and being yourself.


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This early readers kindergarten book ignites children’s interest in the areas of science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM / STEM) through the included mobile 4D Augmented Reality (AR) app. The app allows them to interact with characters in the book. Scan the book pages with the app to bring the pages to life and allow your child to engage with new furry friends, learn sight words interactively, and enjoy a virtual “Dance Party.”

This social skills book for kids of all races is a perfect young children education gift that includes a copycat behavior guide for parents and caregivers. It’s a great addition to your rhyming books for little kids collection that’s also perfect for homeschooling, beginner readers, Women’s History Month gift book or Black History Month gift book.

The husband and wife, Oye and Sabrina are African American authors of Zeze the Copycat. Inspired by their children Zeze and Soso, they started their company Kids Plenty Inc. with a mission to educate, empower, and entertain children in a way that ignites their love for learning! They use technology to make learning a fun and transformative experience for children.

If you like Zeze the Copycat, check out the You Are Amazing! The Wonderful Adventures of Zeze & Soso: A Coloring and Activity Workbook. The activity book includes over 50 activities to encourage the exploration of social and developmental skills.


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